Incitation - The Album

Incitation, Sharmila's debut album, has 13 tracks of pure Urban, Pop and R&B-Hip Hop songs. Sharmila bravely enters the sophisticated realm of "intelligent pop", as her songs speak of timely, everyday issues that are of pertinent importance to every youth around the world.

In Incitation, Sharmila's songs speak of deep issues such as Abuse. In "Wither the Flower", she examines how abuse starts from a dysfunctional past and must be stopped. Sharmila speaks of the media's responsibility in our society in "Finger at the Media", and about finding one's true path in the Urban Rock-laced "Free". In the haunting ballad, "Soulmates", Sharmila explores the never changing face of priceless soulmate love. And In a society where the gender roles of men and women have changed, Sharmila delves into this area with a witty and humorous stab at this issue in "Guys will be Guys" and "Money Grabbing Women".

Incitation's opening track "Vaya!" is an energetic dance number that will surely have the radio stations everywhere pulsating with this song and the dance clubs throbbing to this song! With the fusion of Indian and Cuban Latin instrumentation, and strong urban-pop beat, this song gets your feet moving and hips swaying from the very first note!

Whilst Sharmila's lyrics may be thought provoking, Incitation is made up of songs that have melodies that are power packed with strong R&B / Hip Hop hooks, energetic and danceable bases, and edged with memorable and exciting urban, modern flavors!

There is also a sense of world charm as modern instruments are fused and brought alive by the infusion of traditional instruments functioning side by side effectively to bring out the sweet aroma of beautiful music, thereby giving Incitation a flavor all its own!

Incitation is Sharmila's amazing debut album that is sophisticated, mature and intelligent but yet is youthful, hip and exciting!

1.   Vaya!
2.   Wither the Flower
3.   Finger at the Media
4.   Free
5.   Soulmates
6.   Money Grabbing Women
7.   Guys will be Guys
8.   When my Dreams Come True
9.   What About Us?
10.   Little Girls
11.   I'm just Happy
12.   Only in my Mind
13.   Mr. Cupid